Who is Joe 

My name is Joe McDonald.  I reside in the 55+ Trilogy community behind the Lakeridge Winery in Lake County, Florida. I was born & raised in Long Island, New York; I moved to Florida in 2004. I rented a home in Kings Ridge for my first year in Florida. 

I have over thirty five years of experience repairing computers, including both PC and Mac's. I also have extensive experience with tablets and smart phones.

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Since 2010 I have been President of the Trilogy Computer Club. During this period I have taught classes on Windows and Apple Operating Systems, tablets & smart phones. I also am guest speaker at the Kings Ridge & Royal Highlands Computer Clubs.

My Grandfather was in inventor, one of his inventions solved the problem of how to print on plastic back in 1959. Click here to learn more. He also invented a process that made Power Steering possible.

I consider myself to be an inventor, my Safe Setup Service is a process that I invented and it has been keeping my clients computers safe since 2011.



This is one of my new inventions in 2022 - Termite-proof Raised Garden

2 foot by 2 foot stepping stones turned upright, buried 4" into ground then caulked together. Filled with a base of rocks for drainage then rich raised garden soil. Fall crops include Broccoli, Basil, Tomatoes, Cauliflower and Red Bell Peppers. The stepping stones heat up during the day to help keep plants warm in the cool overnights. During the Summer the soil is too hot, so no crops in July & August.

Sept. 2023, I painted the stepping stones the same color as my home. Three varieties of tomatoes were planted then. Harvest time started in November 2023, continued to April 2024. 



On a personal note, I have been married for 30+ years to my wife, Marissa. 


We have 2 pet cockatiel birds, Mini Me (Left - 22+ years old) and a recent addition Kiwi (Right - 3+years old). We attend the Grace Bible Fellowship church of Inverness on Sundays. I also watch Transformed by Grace Bible Study on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/@TransformedByGraceBBS

Please call 352-449-8561 for an appointment or email me: computerhelp@computersbyjoe.com