How to upgrade to Windows 10


I upgraded my Windows 10 Beta desktop computer to Windows 10 on July 18th, 2015. Below are pictures of my computer that I took during the upgrade process. 

Reserve a Copy - the first step is to click on the white window icon in the Desktop Tray (down by the clock). If it is missing then you need to install Windows Update KB3035583 Click here for more information -

If you like Window 7 you can keep it until the year 2020, which is when support stops for Windows 7. If you want Windows 10, its a free upgrade until July 28th, 2016. After that date it will cost you $119 to upgrade.

Note, if you have decided that you want to keep Windows 7 on your computer & the Get 10 ads are driving you crazy then you need to uninstall the above Windows update KB3035583. Click on Start then Control Panel then View installed updates (top left corner of the window). Locate this update number in the list then click on the Uninstall button at the top of the screen.

Get 10

When you are ready click on the White Get 10 Window. Below are the windows you will see during this process.

If you entered your email address this is the information they then email to you:

You’ve already reserved, so your free upgrade is on the way. This is the largest software upgrade event ever and we’re managing it so everyone has a great experience.

Your notification to upgrade could come as soon as a few days or in a few weeks.

In the meantime, you can always check your upgrade status in the Get Windows 10 app. Find the app by clicking on the Windows icon on your task bar. 

The Upgrade

When you start the process your computer will restart & then you will get a round run-bar. (If you have an Apple device and installed an app from the Apple Store you may see something familiar with this run bar). As each step is accomplished the bar works its way around the circle. You also will see a % sign. As each major step is accomplished the text at the bottom of the window will change from white to blue text.

Computer restarts then goes to next stage.

Computer restarts then goes to next stage.

Then your computer will restart with the following screen. It will show the name of your account & your profile picture. Click on the Next button with your mouse.


Click on Accept.

If you feel up to the challenge I recommend that you click on Customize Settings in the bottom left corner. This option lets you make the choices on what to turn on & what to turn off. If you choose Use Express Settings, Microsoft will make those choices for you. I selected Customize Settings. If you use Express Microsoft will make the choices for you, but I do not recommend this!

Personalization - I turned off all these items. Not sure if I trust Microsoft with my contacts & calendar details.  Its up to you, but my gut is to turn them off.  There has been some discussion online about these options & everyone is recommending that your Opt Out!

Below are my choices.

Browser & Protection

SmartScreen - ON, Page Predictions - Off (not happy about my browsing data being sent to MS).

Networks - Off, Hotspots - off  Reports - on

This step comes down to personal preference. I am not happy with the Photos or Music App so I turned them off. But I made the Edge browser default along with Movies & TV app.

My choices:

If you chose to do a clean install (not saving your apps or files) then you may get the window below. Type in your Master account name & leave the password windows blank.

Now starts the annoying screens. If you ever added a user in Windows 8 or 8.1 then you have seen these screens before. 

Finally the Desktop loaded. You are done!


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When you are ready to install Windows 10 you can do it through the reserve method mentioned above or you can do it manually. Below will be the steps & links to do the upgrade Manually. 

  1. Backup your files (pictures, documents, etc) to an external hard drive or flash drives.
  2. Confirm if you have 64 bit or 32 bit operating system on your computer.
  3. Click Start, Control Panel & then double click on the System icon. In there it will list the operating system that you currently have & if its 64 bit or 32. This is very important!
  4. Go to this website -
  5. Click on the purple button that matches your operating system - "Download Tool Now".
  6. Upgrade your computer to Windows 10.




Below are the Steps that will follow as you install Windows 10 using this Tool.

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