Turn on Windows Defender Antivirus

Windows Defender is a free antivirus program that is already installed on your Windows 10 computer. When another antivirus program is installed this program goes into Passive Mode and its Realtime Protection is turned off. When you remove that program and restart your computer, Windows Defender Antivirus turns itself back on. 

You can leave the Default Settings as is. On the left hand side is a list of what the program offers. Below is a picture of what each of the page options looks like and my recommended settings.

Virus & Threat protection settings

Manual Check for Updates Option - this program automatically updates itself but it also gives you the option to manually check for updates if you feel that the date shown is an old date. If you keep your computer on only one hour per day you are not giving the program time to update. Manually checking will then be needed. Just click on the Check for updates button, it takes just a few seconds.

Manual Scans - You can also run manual scans with the program.

Ransomware Protection - This is turned off by Default, you may want to turn this option on for additional protection.

Account Protection - I recommend Local accounts as opposed to Microsoft Cloud Accounts. Click on "Dismiss" to make Notifications to "fix your Microsoft Account" go away.

Firewall & Network Protection - all these options are turned on by Default, leave as is.

App & browser control - Leave these settings at Default.


Device Security - Secure boot is turned on by default and runs every time you turn on your computer.

Device Performance & health - Do not click on Fresh Start! Call me first!

Family Options - ways to protect your computer & keep the Grandkids safe.

Settings (bottom - left corner)

Settings - Notifications - Keeps all items turned on.

If you have any questions about this program please contact me by email.